Cayenne Pepper

Our Product.

Cultivated in the lands of Ginebra - Valle del Cauca, located at 1,100 meters above sea level, a place with the ideal climate to provide the ideal chili. The process is controlled since the moment of sowing, through the selection at harvest. It is then transported to the plant to be dehydrated, and a 100% natural Cayenne Pepper is obtained, without preservatives, additives or colorants, with the exact level of humidity, which guarantees excellent quality and safety in the final product.

Benefits and uses.

A food that does not go unnoticed, its color, its intense aroma and its spicy flavor, make it an ideal complement to highlight the flavor of different dishes. Cayenne has long been recognized as a product that provides flavor and has medicinal benefits.

¡ The delicious spicy that your meals and your health require !